I‘m Lee, portrait photographer living in Missouri City, TX. For as long ago as I can remember I have always enjoyed taking pictures. I love taking pictures of people in natural and exaggerated situations that highlight aspects of who they are. Generally, I like to shoot people in different places doing what they do. My greatest joy is producing the most flattering and creative portraits of people that I can.

My goal as a portrait photographer is to capture and preserve as artistically as possible the personality of my subjects as real people being real by using effective lighting, backdrops and posing techniques.

To me photography as subjective as it is, is about people. Capturing and preserving images of people, places and things in the moments that matter most; about allowing me to paint a picture of those moments to be remembered forever.

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Contact me, I would love to visit with you by phone or in person and talk about capturing and preserving your image in a way that is important to you.

portrait of lee